October Fall Sedona Workshop

Join our October Fall Sedona Workshop

The weather  finally starts to cool off after another one of Arizona’s heat waves.  It’s time to grab the box of long sleeves on top of the closet and pray that my favorite jeans still fit!

The season has changed and I have to travel a short two hour distance to capture the magic.  My fall itinerary will include Sedona, Colorado and maybe Utah.  My mom keeps insisting I see Michigan in October too.  Maybe one day :)

I chose Sedona’s Oak Creek West Fork trail as my first Fall Workshop destination.  The location brings about a quiet peacefulness that I long to experience all year round.  The trail ground is vibrant, the  weather perfect and the colors are simply stunning.

This is exactly the place and setting I would love to teach photography.  The beauty and scenery are such a huge bonus for those who want to advance their skills too!  I am super excited about this workshop and can’t wait to see you there