Grand Teton panoramic and photography challenges

Grand Teton panoramic. Every month I have a tips class in East Mesa.  About 10-15 people at all different photography levels come together.  I usually go over a photography related topic and give tips, pointers or suggestions.  However, my favorite part of the classes are the photography challenges and goal setting.  It’s been super cool seeing people challenge themselves and follow through with their goals.  I’ve seen wedding albums, portfolios, prints, business cards, smugmug sites, new fan pages on facebook, panoramic, time lapse videos and checks indicating that we are all up for the challenge of growing with our passion.  When you commit to a goal or a challenge with a group of people it feels more powerful somehow.  I have to be accountable at my next class, it’s really the execution, consistency and persistence that gets us closer to where we want to be in this profession.

I have been just as inspired by all of those that attend my classes.  Lately, I can’t seem to get enough!  My camera is helping me tell the story of my next chapter in life.  I’ve had a desire for many years to travel the world, so maybe I will.  Why not?  If I do make it to all 7 continents, you can count on my camera being my most intimate companion!

So there it is below!  A Grand Teton Panoramic.  Something moves inside of you when you stitch a panoramic together.  It’s a cool perspective and I wanted to share this with some of my fellow photographers and students.   Please send a link to your panoramic if you’ve put one together lately, I would love to see it!